After Hours

What do you do when the day gets over? When the sun tires and gladly slips into the welcome arms of the night? For some, night is the end, for others it’s the beHSNWVol5FrontCoverginning of the day. For some, it’s the time to kick back and nurse a drink, tell bedtime stories, catch up with friends or simply vegetate in front of the TV. For others, it’s time to guard the sleeping, to thieve, to escape, to remove the mask they wear for the world.

The latest anthology of Helter Skelter is a bouquet of stories that embrace night and is aptly named After Hours. Like its previous issues, this one too attempts to introduce new and emerging writers with distinctive writing styles.

And distinctive they are: take for instance the concrete poem by the writer Won-tolla. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, this is what a concrete poem looks like:

concrete poem

(source: Pinterest)

Those who love poetry will also enjoy the book. Unfortunately, I’m a little dense about poetry, but even I found some of them very interesting: Chopstick Fumble At Hawker Centre by Rohan Naidu, Shiva of the Skull by Mahithi Pillay and Cigarette by Sonia Thomas. Among my favourite stories was the endearing tale My Grandmother Talks About Shit by Srividya Tadepalli and Chiaroscuro by Neil Julian Balthazar.

What I liked:

  • Each story has a unique flavour, no two stories are similar.
  • The language is stellar.

What I didn’t like:

  • Nothing.

If you want a dose of freshness to your reading list, pick this one up. They are “quiet” stories that don’t scream for attention but deserve it nevertheless. And you’ll understand what that means only if you read them.

Name: After Hours, The Helter Skelter Anthology of New Writing Vol 5
Publisher: Helter Skelter magazine
Price: Rs. 400
More details:
Buy it here


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